Maintaining driver loyalty is important for future sales. After-sales activities can help build strong customer relationships and reduce customer turnover. At Magna, we can help you develop your afters-sales activities to help build customer relationships. 

In today's automotive industry,  Aftersales Service is a vital component. 

Aftersales Services are a critical component for dealerships retail, whether its with new or used vehicles. This is an opportunity for building strong relationships with your customers as well as being a substantial value generating activity. Creating a robust aftersales activity programme will help you succeed in gaining both loyal customers and increasing your profitability. 

At Magna, we can help you to evolve your aftersales efforts. 

Our expert consultants are here to elevate every facet of your aftersales process, with a focus on efficiency and excellence. For customers, the journey initiates with the service booking, while from your perspective, it begins at the very first interaction—whether they're purchasing a new or used vehicle or selecting you as their dedicated service team. We understand that the customer journey is a holistic experience, and our expertise ensures a seamless and positive trajectory from start to finish. 
We take the whole process from end to end to include: - 
Proactively reaching out to customers to secure bookings rather than waiting for them to initiate contact. 
Effectively planning workshops by utilising available Workshop Loading tools. 
Conducting scheduled pre-calls to stay updated on customers' evolving requirements, recognising that plans may change. 
Ensuring accurate reporting of Vehicle Health Checks, effectively advising on immediate and future requirements to enhance customer confidence. 
Implementing automated follow-ups with HTML email, SMS, and call scripts for deferred work and aftersales follow-ups. 
Assessing the effectiveness of service administrative tasks to ensure seamless operations. 
Equally crucial, we can assist in: 
Parts pre-picking optimisation. 
Establishing automated discount maps and tables for accurate and time-saving parts booking. 
Implementing contract pricing for incentive-driven purchases. 
Conducting stock management maintenance to ensure a clean and organized stock file. 
Streamlining parts administrative tasks for increased efficiency. 

      Vehicle Health Check (VHC) – a dynamic software solution transforming upsell opportunities and enhancing customer experiences. 

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