Meet our new Training Programmes 
Development Manager! 
Gideon Liddiard 
Years of experience 
Training, Learning & Development within the Automotive Industry 
What made you choose what you do it? 
A love of all things automotive and a desire to share that passion and 
The most interesting or funny event you’ve experienced at work? 
Either nearly crashing one of only four prototype Renaultsport Clio V6s, 
or that I used to work with Melinda Messenger. 
4 well known people alive or dead you would invite to a dinner party 
Stephen Fry 
Sir Sterling Moss 
Bruce Springsteen 
Ada Lovelace 
What would you cook? 
Lamb Shawarma, with Lebanese Chicken, Tabouli, 
Cous-Cous and flatbreads. 
Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given 
Everyone makes mistakes, so don't hide them; own them, fix them 
and most importantly learn from them. 
Describe yourself in one sentence 
Still Learning and growing, every single day 
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