Teleservices & Marketing Automation for BMW & MINI 

With tickets integrated into your DMS and our Marketing Automation Service, you can be sure you aren’t leaving any business on the table. 

Teleservices and Marketing Automation  for BMW & MINI 

Would you like to experience the benefit of:  Teleservices Marketing Automation: Customers are contacted automatically when work needs to be done on their vehicle. Recall Check Marketing Automation: Campaigns can be created to check outstanding recalls and QEs, and automatically contact your customers. Performance Reporting: Automatic Report which provides WIP conversion rates, SMS and Email success rates. 

Implementing our Teleservices and marketing Automation solution can help you save precious time and effort, leaving your staff to focus on what really matters. 


Meet TREVOR, our automated systems administrator who offer efficiency and effective management. TREVOR:  Notifys customer of Service Required via tailored communication process. Creates a call list is set up for your contact centre if no booking is made after the text/email. Produces reports showing how many customers and WIPs have been targeted and the revenue of those WIPs. Is trainable for additional data processing tasks or data collection tasks. 

Having TREVOR assist with these mundane tasks can provide more time for you to take care of your customers. 
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